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Pal script for random Jingles

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Hey guys,


Just wondering I know in the clockwheel I can set up for example:


Category A

Category B

Category C




But I'm wondering if there is a way with a PAL script or otherwise I can perhaps randomize when a Jingle gets lined up so for example its not every 3 songs or whatever. So it might be:


2 songs, then Jingle, 3 songs then Jingle, 1 song then Jingle etc etc. I know I can clockwheel this but then its still going to have a repetitive pattern.


Any ideas / thoughts much appreciated :)



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Please take a look at my sticky PAL topic, part 1 and part 2


You can set a command to each seperate PAL as following :

- make the much as needed Event Sheduler scripts who are connected with PAL A, B etc etc

- load the PAL script A, B etc etc with a loop=false as ipTop


If that is to difficult you can write your own clockwheel where you play a random jingle from your ID directory every 2 or 3 or 4 songs

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