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Beheringer 2100 w/ Shure KSM32 + Logic

Steve Wills

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Currently I've been using a USB CO1u and Logic 9 for short video reads.

Last week, I was given a Shure KSM32 and a Behringer 2100.

I don't know anything about the 2100, and very little about audio, but I'm guessing the KSM32 will sound better than my CO1u.


I've been using Logic to handle my compression and limiting needs, and

with this addition, I was wondering how I should add the Behringer (and the KSM32) into the work flow.


Are there any setting or filters in Logic that I should use "with" the Behringer?

I usually use BassAmp, Compressor, Limiter etc on most things, but now with the Behringer + Logic, things are a little cloudy. Should the 2100 do everything I need now instead of Logic?

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