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Hello, i'm new here and could use some help.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is james,

I know my way around a pc as well as studio equipment however

I find that i'm a bit lost when it comes to starting my own

radio station. I got a fair ammount of equipment to use, I

just dont know where to start. I record, edit and produce

music as well as video, what i'm asking for is some advise on

how I should go about starting my own radio station because

i'm not getting air play from other stations even after

repeated requests. Below is a list of what I have to work

with, thanks for your time and suggestions.


(Computer Equipment)

Cable broadband internet.

A Dlink 5 port wired router.

A Dlink 8 port wired Ethernet Switch.


A custom built pc with Windows XP Professional (32-bit), an Intel

Pentium D Dual Core 3.0 Ghz Processor, 4 GB of ddr2 ram, two

80 gig HDD's, a 100 gig HDD, a 250 gig HDD and a 1.5 tera HDD.


An Acer PC with an AMD Athlon 4400 cpu, 4 GB of ddr2 ram,

and 320 gig HDD. Running windows 7 (32-bit).


An Acer PC with an AMD Athlon 4400 cpu, 2 GB of ddr2 ram,

and 320 gig HDD. Running Vista (32-bit).


A Dell latitude d600 laptop with windows XP Professional (32-bit),

512 mbs of ddr ram, a single core 1.6 ghz processor and a 60 gb HDD.

(its slow but was given to me 8 years ago and free is a good price.)



Fruityloops 5, Audacity and Ulead video studio 12.


(Audio Equipment)

A Yamaha PSR-E413 midi keyboard.

An Alesis SR18 Drum machine.

A 16 channel Electro-Voice EVT 5216 Tapco Stereo Mixer board.

A Peavey XM4 Mixer Amp.

A Nady MM-15usb 6 channel mixer.

A Marshall MXL 990 Condenser Microphone.

Two Behringer MIC100 Tube Ultragain Pre-amp's.

An ARTcessories Headamp 4 channel Headphone Amplifier.

An ibanez bass guitar (4 String).

A Dean bass guitar (4 String).

A Schecter diamond series omen-5 bass guitar (5 String)

A BC Rich Bronze Series Electric Guitar (6 String).

A Sony Rack Amp Sound System.


(On a side note all of this equipment is in one room

and the walk in closet was converted into a sound proof booth for

recording vocals. The entire room is run on 2 dedicated circuits

and all the equipment is surge protected.)


I know that my equipment is not top of the line and is setup more

along the lines of audio/video productions but its what I was

able to afford at the time and have to work with. I dont know what

kind of software I will need to run my own radio station or how to

go about it. Also i'm currently unemployed and have no budget to

work with. Any suggestions or walk throughs you guys could give me

would be greatly appreciated, i'm totally lost here trying to

figure out where to start and what kind of software I need. Also I

have no clue where to go for hosting and stuff. Thanks in advance. :thumbup:

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Welcome to BW,


Seeing your laid-off you could try broadcasting and get a free account at http://freestreamhosting.org/ or some other free site.


Although it's not the best way to go. It can't hurt to try it.


There are a number of members that sell Shoutcast Hosting, maybe they will post their fees for you or you do a search for Shoutcast hosting and find some offers.


You can stream your mp3's with WinAMP and you'll need the DSP plugin.


I think you can also do it with Zara Radio, that way you can stop the mp3's and talk.


I'm sure some other members will tell you what to do. Because they know more about broadcasting than I do.

"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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Hello LLP,

Welcome to BW !


You have a superb collection of material ... however its most of all "software" who is needed to stream across the internet


Fruityloops 5, Audacity and Ulead video studio 12.

and FruityLoops ain't the software to do that :)

Reading your text, it gives Me the idea that you are a musican with a fine collection of instruments who is willing to go to a next level ...

You wanna let people enjoy "your" music

and thats possible.


I wanna point you to the search tool at BW, and make a search on "streaming" etc etc

- See what fellow members are doing (what kind of knowledge, what kind of software etc etc etc)

The software with the biggest budget ain't always the best ...

its your choice you have to make between good, better, best ...

- Check some of the excisting audiostreaming projects made by fellow members ...

Consider = what kind of sound You wanna have ? what kind of format ? etc etc

Once you adviced Us with "your" ideas We can judge if your idea is "the" idea, We can give you some advice, ideas etc etc


So feel free ;)

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i'm not sure about the format but as for the sound i'm looking for something along the lines of a real radio station where i can not only play our tracks but also run talk show segments and allow callers to call in and discuss or debate things... kinda hard to explain but basically i'm looking to be able to broadcast like a FM radio station would.. only I choose what to play, what to discuss as well as set the program schedule for all these things. i'd also like to be able to pick up some sponsors.. not sure if sponsor is the right word, but basically charge people to air thier commercials and advertisments.. i'm not only trying to get our music out there for people to listen to but also try to make an income to keep everything running being as i'm unemployed and the economy is garbage here in the US
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