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Request a song via sms

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Theres a service here for South Africa i think.. Not sure if you can sue it in any other country...




Few other services...




OR, what i do is i use my old Mobile Phone (Motorola RAZR) and use it via USB. It comes with software to view and send emails using the computer.

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I actually just figured out a way to do this with whats called "SMS GATEWAY" and a PHP script i hacked together..lol


the thing though is you can only recieve a text request if a listener goes to your website and uses a form you set up there..when they use that form you get the text message with their requested song in it..so basically its not like someone can send a text from there phone to request a song from you..(I HOPE I EXPLAINED THIS PROPERLY)


you can read about the sms gateways here--> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/email-to-sms/


im still working out the kinks in it but if you (OR ANYONE ELSE) are interested in you can PM me and I can set you up with a demo of it so u can try it yourself


and if anyone has any php knowledge please lmk i can send you the script i put together and maybe you can help me work out the bugs..



..I must warn you though..it works and its only for receiving text requests..in order to send texts thats a whole other story.....and its advised if you use it that you have an unlimited sms plan on your phone..cuz the text requests will instantly go to your cell phone..oh and you phone number must be from a provider like AT&T or sprint or verizon because google voice numbers and skype numbers dont have sms gateways..


if you have skype you can also try this method in the link below..people can send a text request from their cell phones and you will recieve it in your skype chat window... http://www.sms4skype.net/skype/smstoskypeen.asp

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Short code is the widely used way of doing this, Although...

What I would suggest to you, is to create a email off of your domain,

Ex. Requests@Your_Domain.com


Where the request can be viewed by looking at that email, or, if you tell us what programs/online tools (Ex. RadioDJPanel) then I or another member may be able to piece some code togeather, and forward the request into the panel, or program.

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the method i spoke if I worked on it a little more and it works beautifully!!! and you can recieve text messages from worldwide listeners as long as they go to your website and use the form I spoke about..Since testing it i got SMS messages (SONG REQUESTS) from germany, spain, italy, japan, canada and of course the US..Literally one the first day I launched it I put a new ad in rotation every 3 songs on my station that talks about the new feature and i recieved 21 requests..which was great because normally people tune in to my stream from other sources like Itunes or Shoutcast directory and they hardly ever visit my site but when I added the new ad and the new feature (remember they can only do txt requests from my site) i noticed an increase in website traffic averaging 60 extra hits a day over a 5 day time span..lol after i removed the ad and the txt request feature im back to my normal 40 or so hits a day to the website..SO I WILL BE IMPROVING THIS FEATURE DEFINITELY..it brings some listeners to the site now i just gotta create content to keep them there..LOL


I have since taken it down cuz I was getting Requests even when I was asleep..(its set up to go to my business phone) so I want to create a way to regulate how often 1 person can send a request (currently i do it manually, the form i made logs the I.P address and I just check to make sure I dont get multiple requests from one IP...not 100% i know but im still working on it) and also I want to set it up so it will automatically turn off or on the service during the day without having to edit the html to do it..



I think this feature is a must have for any station!!!!


AGAIN ALSO its free to implement aside from the amount of txts your phone service allows you to recieve ( if you have unlimited texts your set) where as shortcode you have to pay for and listeners worldwide cant use it (correct me if im wrong on this) and listeners dont have to visit your site to use it...



IN THE FUTURE..after i get the code 100% i am going to try to work contests into it (something like "Finish this Verse....") and have listeners text the answer..of course they will have to visit the site to text the answer so it will help with boosting website traffic...

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