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Remixed songs?? confused.


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Hello. Let say Im broadcast eminem i love the way you lie, and i got a lincens for it, If i remix/mix the song are i allowed to broadcast it then?


sorry for my bad english, :( just reply if you dont understand what im asking for :)

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Their is so many stipulations to this depending on what country you live in....


Usually, its no, you can not remix the artist intellectual property without prior consent.


For America is easy to explain. SoundExchange collects all the data for remixed songs....SO, If the artist is no longer Eminem and now listed as (Eminem ft. DJ XXXXXX) fees get screwed up in whos getting paid, SoundExchange forwards the data to ASCAP, Eminem and ASCAP both ask "Who the F**K is mixing my music without my concent" and ASCAP sics BMI (the copyright holder for the song in its entirity) on the Dj thats mixing with intent to entertain without a licence (Yes, their is a performance license for mixing, and the one I know of is for public performance, dont know if it applies to radio.)

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first of all, HELLO Rob ... glad to see you back ;)


I don't know the regulations at Norway

But to Europe there is excisting something as "adapted production(s)"

If a producer adapt or is using a sample of a particular track it is even possible that ALL royalties goes to the new performer


Check the website of the European Council and make a search

or call your royalty agency at your country


Anyway : remember ... what I have written is "known" ... but not many people "do know" this


But again : I don't know how that regulation works out compaired to US artists

... so Brutisch Sailor has reasons to write his part of the rules

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