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$10 Paypal - New Jersey/Italian 'mobster' accent - 5 DRY lines!

Mister Tickles

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WARNING: Strong language ahead.


Skip to the big bold line if you don't care for the thread introduction!


An upcoming college project requires me to make a short motiongraphics movie. (i.e;

) I opted for the American Italian mobster scene, something I've never worked with before! This being my very first VA request, I might mess up a little! I considered requesting it for free, but I figured I can afford $10 as a little thank-you to whoever takes the time to go through this rather precise need.


You're a made guy of the New Jersey Crime Family, you're introducing, in a smooth and relaxed voice, a young associate into the business. You're warning him about the respect that is due to Wise Guys in the Italian Mafia. Sorry for the strong language, it just adds realism and makes it moodier. :D


Thank you so much to anyone who tries this, +rep and I'll paypal the money to whoever I end up choosing! For the record; feel free to try the first sentence and post it - I don't want to waste your time, that way, if there's something I'd like fixed, you don't have to record the whole script over again! Thanks again.



Accent: Italian. Inspiration:

Note: If you're just not Italian and/or having trouble getting the Italian accent, maybe aim for an American Italian, New Jersey-esque type à la Tony Soprano?


Mood: Relaxed at first, slow, advising.


Notes: Don't read anything in red.




Come here, let me remind you something.


You wanna be a friend of ours, there’s one thing you gotta to know.



You do not f*ck with a made guy.


’Cuz if you sh*t on a made guy, it’s like you took a dump on the whole family which is a bad idea.

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Ciao Mister T

Ciao Ragazzi :rolleyes:


Attached my read with an Italian accent

PS : I have family who lives at Sicily (for real ... no joke :yes:)


The read has a "watermark" as it is used to this VO section


If you choose mine and after you made the donation You gonna receive the original clean read send to an account of your choice ...


Enjoy :scared:

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Heres a younger voice, I think the older voice is better myself. Because he has his friend Tommy aka "Tommy Gun" :lol:


You never know who's going to stop by and do a voice over for you. Sometimes a few people do it, other times you may only get 1 or 2 people. But there are a couple of us that are here all the time. I don't do all the request that are posted, if I don't think my voice will fit the request I don't do it.

"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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Hey guys,


First, let me thank everyone for the great performances. Had to choose one and after discussing it with my team mate, we've decided we'll go with GKREurope's first try. (2k11 02 VOX Italian Mobster)


Thanks for the great outtake GKREurope. Should I use the donate button under the file download link?


Also, if possible, there's a few tiny details we'd appreciate if you could fix:


When you say "Let me remind you of somethinggggguh." You seem to stick on the G a lot..


And then most importantly, when you say; "You euhh.. Do not euhh.. f*ck euhh.. With a made guy." Can you make sure you don't have that "euuh" sound at the end of each part? It was more meant as an effect to make the voice sound more serious, like a warning.. You do NOT f*ck with a made guy! lapianoman got that part right!


Finally, could you leave a moment of pure silence between one line and the other? We're going to spread the lines apart during production so it'd be better if the sound is as high quality as it gets and the lines separated so we can cut them.


Thank you in advance! I'm waiting on you to tell me how to donate. Thanks! :thumbup:

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Thank You very much ! (Y)


You can use the donate button below of the download link

Please PM if done ... with your own privat email account

After the payment is received I'm gonna send you the files (to your own privat account by using yousendit.com)


by the way ... off record :

"Let me remind you of somethinggggguh." = is more or less an Italian pronouncing if they talk English :)


Thanks again


PS : You're asking about some French liners

Do you still need those French liners ?

I talk also French ... so I can give it a shot

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Our teacher, for a moment, refused that we do the project in English. (I live in Quebec you see :rolleyes:) but after some talking around, I warned him about billh's friend Tommy and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. :lol:


I'm going to paypal you the money right away and PM you my e-mail. Thanks again! Hopefully the new recording is as great as the first take.


By the way, I'd like to thank everyone for their tries, they were all really great. It's just the actor seemed like that voice would fit him best.


I'm going to try to add to everyone's reputation but I think I might have missed someone. :(

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