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WANTED: Reviewers


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Broadcasting World is seeking volunteer reviewers for our site. Our reviews section houses many different categories and a wide range of products in the broadcasting industry.


Unfortunately, James cannot review and write for every single product! Which is why we are seeking Volunteer Reviewers! This is the most exciting job in the whole of Broadcasting World, because you receive FREE stuff and get to try out new things even before they are released to the public.


We require all reviewers to spend a few days testing out the gear that gets sent to you and write up a detailed review for us to publish on our site. Of course you get all the credit, your name in lights and best of all, you get to keep the gear!



You will be accepted based on what area you specialise in, for example: If you like reviewing or have experience in Microphones, we will most likely get you to review Microphones.


The companies wanting you to review their products will send the products straight to your home address or PO box, so you need to provide a valid address to recieve the products.


Age: 18 or older.

Country: Any country but preferably the UK or USA.

Review Specs: The reviews needs to be detailed and accurate. Not only are you reviewing a product, but you are also convincing people to buy the product or not. Your review will help shape our visitors decision on buying the end product. We require your review to be put in to categories (around 3-5 categories) and to contain 1-2 paragraphs per category.

Membership Requirements: You are required to have at least 6 months membership on our forums to review products.


If you are interested in applying, then open up the attached document and email it to James. (Email address is in document).

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