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USB Mic Any Good?

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Perhaps if you want to do free voiceovers, a USB mic might be good.


However, I wouldn't recommend it for paid work. I had a USB microphone once, and it picked up a lot of static and other noises as it was going through the computer.


You ideally want an XLR microphone that you can "plug" into a mixing desk. I've got an XLR microphone in my mixing desk, which has a line in from the mixing desk to my macbook, no fuzz or buzz with that.


But that's just speaking from personal experience, others may have different thoughts and feelings. And given the fact Pro Tools seem to have endorsed the microphone you're looking at, it could be worth a go.

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I personally, do NOT like USB microphones. Like the other post I would recommend going with a XLR microphone and a smaller mixer. With a USB microphone you cannot hear yourself talk because it goes into a USB port, and not your soundcard. It is important that you can hear yourself talk to make sure your audio sounds good, and that it is not too loud. Go with a XLR mic instead. If you don't want to buy a mixer or you are on a budget, they sell XLR to USB adapters. But that defeats the purpose of buying a buying a XLR microphone. Plus the adapters are pricey and they sell mixers for a lower price. I believe the adapter I know of is $99 (Not sure what currency you use.) and I have seen mixers for $50... Go with a XLR microphone! Best choice!
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If you have your mind set on a usb mic, check this mic out http://www.rodemic.com/mics/podcaster not cheap, but a great mic. I use the XLR version of it for on-air work. You can plug a set of headphones in to the mic for monitoring your voice. It depends on what you want to use the mic for as to how much money to spend. If you can try the mic you want, all the better. Some mics are better sounding then others on your own voice. Edited by johny c

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My personal preference would be to go with an XLR mic.


Although someone did bring up a good point that the mic is endorsed by Pro Tools so it may be decent. Try checking youtube to see if anyone did any mic shoutouts or tests with that model.

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