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Beginner's audio manipulation software?

Mister Tickles

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don't say "manipulate"

say "EDIT" ... lol

afterall We don't do politics :)


I have several types of software at my pc

- I learned a lot the first years with SoundForge

- Than I won a prize and received a free and complete Magix software studio

- These days I'm stucked to Cool Edit aka Adobe Audition

It has all features to make things better ... and offcourse to edit track channels, samples etc etc

Very interesting is that CE/AA recognize SFX (.dll files) from other compagnies, such as FruityLoops, Sony, etc etc ... and even typical voice editing software in general ...

So ... to Me its one of the most complete editing proxy's


I'm into media since 1978, so I still know the "reels" and the old gear of decades ago ... however the today software can create much more than what could be done those days


In 2010 I made an upload to BW of some plugins who can be used with CE/AA

These plugins are making it possible to "open" and convert files such as .ogg, FLAC etc etc

The basic CE/AA don't have those tools ... Anyway ... if you install the rar package ... its easy as 1,2,3 ... close CE/AA, unzip rar into the CE/AA software directory, open CE/AA and you are up and running

Interested ? Download the attached rar file :thumbup:

Its a very usefull pack !

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