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Greetings from Norway!


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Hi guys!

Well, my name is Erik, I'm 16 and currently studying Media & Communication at secondary school.

After a project where we were supposed to do a radioshow at about 20 minutes I fell in love with radio! Me and a few buddies started to do some random broadcasts just for fun, but after a while I got a little more serious, which the others didn't like, so they quit. I had to find a new crew and we're now three people on my station, me, host and "producer", one who is in charge of the technical stuff and one co-host. For those who is interested, here is our logo:



We're currently broadcasting from the schools radio studio during lunchbreaks on mondays and fridays, but we hope to expand soon :) I plan to build a radiostudio on top of our garrage, maybe so I hope that works out! We also got an offer to broadcast on fridays, by an organization who arranges concerts, LAN parties etc for youth in my county, Telemark, so that would be fun if it works out!


Well, enough about me, I guess! See you around!

- Erik

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:yes: Welcome, willkommen, bienvenida, haere mai to Broadcastingworld Forums!

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