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Polish Your Logo to an iPhone app icon !


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Hello Everyone,


As the title says ... It does what it says

Check out this link ... its done in 1,2,3 seconds

so piece of cake :rolleyes:



By the way ... ;)

I found an iPhone/iPad streamprovider where you can add your station to their app (ooTunes)

check : http://ootunes.com/app/


Enjoy !

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From today on everyone with an iPhone or iPad can listen to GK by using the ooTunes app


Enjoy listening everywhere you are on this planet

Modern times ... GREAT decades :kiss:


Thanks to Phil you also can listen to "Nashville Rock" on your iPhone and iPad.

Can someone tell me how it sounds on a iPhone, because I don't have one....I put every Euro in my radio station :clown:

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The iphone plays Shoutcast streams very well indeed - sound quality as you would expect from your computer.


I have also tested various stations on the iPad using an excellent app called 'RadioBox' (also on the iPhone).


Modern times indeed Philippe. Very exiting indeed. I myself am starting to get into mobile app development and have some plans in mind for radio related projects.. Great fun.

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Thanks James A


So "RadioBox" is a similar app as the ooTunes app ?

I heard that ooTunes is popular into the US


Hi Philippe,


RadioBox is more of a straight forward streaming radio player, which accesses the Shoutcast yellow pages and a few other radio indexes I believe. You can also add your own favorite streams to it etc.


Looking at ooTunes - that appears to do a far bit more, including being able to remotely access your music library while away from home etc which sounds pretty cool.

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