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Graphics ? Anybody who has knowledge about it ?


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For reason that BW don't has a "graphic" departement ... I wonder if somebody has knowledge about graphics ...


My idea is :

- see the attached "vinyl" picture

- the label has to be left, but in one color (example red, light blue ...)

- left and right from the spindle whole there has to come G K in capital

- on the vinyl (black part) there has to come International

- size has to be at least 512x512


So the view you now get is a kind of a smiley :)


I'm thankfull if you can help Me with this :thumbup: :clap:

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WOOooooow Bill and Ian ... SUPERB !


I didn't knew it could be possible ... I'm a "zero" concerning image editing :lol:


I hope I don't ask to much ... to ask the best of both worlds ...


Is it possible to make the lay out as following :

- with the font style of Bill

- with the edit style (including label color), same width and height and font color of Ian


See the attached files


Once again ... MANY thanks for your work !

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Hi Bill,



Hows this

Sorry that I'm a little the "bad" guy :)


but ... can you use G K into the same font as vinyl1 (see left attachement)


and set International not that close to the edge of the vinyl record


If it would be possible to change these things into your vinyl5 and vinyl6, its gonna be perfect.


Is it possible to make the originals the biggest as possible (width and height)

similar to what has been done by Ian


After that one ... I promise to make no further requests anymore untill Easter :easter1:

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GK, This the style Font you want?


I just need to move International in a little more. That will take a little time, I am doing some work on my site at the same time :) and I am right in the middle of setting up a demo script. That musicians can use to sell their music.

"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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Yes Bill ...


but GK on the light blue label in black font color

and the same font style of GK on the black vinyl in a light blue font color

International stays in white


if possible : write International "not" that close to the edge of the vinyl

same for the second edit (with the light blue GK)


I hope you understand what I mean :)


Anyway THANKS VERY MUCH :kiss:

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