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Not sure if this is the right place so feel free to move... Nik



Hi all


My name is Nik Andrews and I am station manager of DJs Radio.. We are a station that plays an eclectic mix of new and old music, but not necessarily the stuff all the main stream guys are playing. My main profession is Wedding DJ and so I generally have to play the same sort of music week in week out, I also work in FM radio and the FM guys are so tightly rotated that again some of the great tunes are missed.


With the advent of internet radio and now unlimited mobile internet becoming more available I wanted to redress the balance a little. We want to cover every genre that a DJ might cover from D&B to R&B or 1940's to Pre release material due to hit the UK charts.


If you think Bon jovi or Abba thats fine but don't think Livin' on a prayer or Dancing Queen think maybe Dead or alive and Money Money Money as an example.


So the idea is great music by great artists old and new but not always the most played track, we want our listeners to be going oh wow i for got this one what a great tune.


If you think you might like to be involved in this venture as a presenter then please come have a listen and then contact us. We are mainly doing just test transmissions at the moment but hope to have it all in place by 1st March 2011


http://www.djsradio.co.uk for more info or to contact us.


Have a great day


Nik Andrews

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