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Surge in local radio stations

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There is no doubt, LPFM, New Media, Community Radio, etc. etc. have had a major impact on commercial radio. My question is when is too much, too much? How many internet radio stations do you need, 10,000, 50,000, 200,000+ and at what point does that dilute listener-ship? How many LPFM stations do you need in a given local area? One only has to watch cable TV or Satellite TV and you see the problem of where radio is headed. 157 channels and nothing on! As for commercial radio, they have become their own worst enemy. Small stations selling out to big media companies, big media companies using the same 'ol programming cookie cutter in every market. Then add to the mix, unoriginal, uninspired, syndication and networks programed by directors that are out of touch beyond the confines of their own little offices. In fact not only out of touch with local markets but in almost all cases out of touch with the countries they operate in. Then add Government regulation to the vast waste land of Radio and what do you get? A very unprofitable business for all concerned. As for community stations that brag "We run 24/7 and we survive through the volunteers.", what a joke! Welcome to the world of hard labor radio. Go forth young man and open a burger stand! (it's a better career choice and you can feed your family)



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