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Australian Based Shoutcast Server Instance Needed


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I already have US and UK based servers, I just need an Australian based one as well.

Unfortunately there aren't any listed in that review section :(

There must be an Australian based shoutcast server somewhere over there, theres plenty of room!

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Hey there Atari-420!


Thanks for signing up, you came to the right place! Im from Australia (still am!).


I know a few mates who have set up servers for SHOUTcast but they do not advertise it. I can tell you that it may be a bit pricey (like all hosting in Aus argh!).


What you can do is email a few small webhosts located in Australia and ask if they allow SHOUTcast to be installed, or some may even offer it. That would most likely be the cheapest way to do it, and we can help yous et it up on the server :)


Otherwise, i know of one host who runs SHOUTcast servers from around $15AU a month.



Ill email around and see if any of my mates have spare server spots, if not then hostgeek.com.au would be suitable for you :)



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Thanks for the help James

HostGeek only have US based servers and the cost of getting an Ozzie VPS to run a shoutcast instance is totally unfeasible for what I want (I only want 5 listener slots!)

I guess I'm gonna have to keep trying and may just have to ditch the idea of having Australian DJs on my station (which would be crappy :( )

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