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my trasmitter throw shots (on air)

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hi, have a problem with my transmitter! every 10 or 15 second they feel of shots annoying "on Air"!the most when are new songs,and very most if enabled (Pre-emphasis) have you idea why? thank a reply.

P.S. I tried without RDS and many many...tests ,and the result is the same.

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I'm confused...

Do you mean you are getting electrical shocks? Or are you hearing the sounds of gunshots in the audio stream?

Please clarify and give us a feel as to what we are troubleshooting.

ie: Type of Studio Gear, Type of STL or IP Codec, Internet connection (VPN, etc), and whether this is an audio problem or electrical.

I'm not saying that an electrical problem couldn't be the cause of the audio problem, but troubleshooting an audio chain is more cpomplex than saying I have shots in my transmitter.



Phoenix, AZ

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