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How to stream skype conversations through broadwave

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I am wanting to stream my skype conversations through broadwave so the internet world can hear dialogue live. i.e interviews, debates, etc. I finally got broadwave to stream live though it was a pain figuring that out because the software gives you an error message when it actually works. But now I need help getting skype conversations to pass through broadwave for live streaming. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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This topic seems to be, being repeated, so here is how i do it.


Not sure if this will be of help, but it is how i have my system linked for use of Skype and other talk-back options.


Actually, i have two computer systems....


Computer A> is the main automated broadcast system, and runs "Radioboss" for all the stations automated playlist.

The sound OUT of the PC is fed to an old Fostex 4 track recorder (used as a mixer and output monitor), and then back to the PC audio IN for "Broadwave" broadcast via my own website.


Computer B> is my main audio recording/mastering system (also used for Composing/Recording/Mastering music), with multi channel sound card and many other advancements including a 32 channel mixer.

It has the Skype feed and an audio link to the mixer on Computer A.

This gives me the option.. to switch to live broadcast at any time from the automated broadcasts on Computer A.

Benefits of this set-up: when the Skype phone rings... it is not broadcast until I want it to be... so my listeners do not here the phone ringing, only the DJs voice and the callers... and i keep complete control over what is broadcast.

Also, in manual mode... i have the full facilities of a pro recording/broadcast studio with the option of going fully automated at any time.


Even if this description is of little help... hope it makes interesting reading.


All the best,


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Here is a link to our site that gives you a step-by-step PDF on how to integrate any VOIP phone on your computer. We use Skype as an example but it will work with Asterisk or any voip provider that you can set a phone to auto answer a call.




Then click on the link "Broadcast by phone". We are a phone company and can help you for free if you need advice on how to set it up.

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