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Hiccups suck. Especially when you have to read the news!


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Ouch! This clip is painful to listen to!


Hiccups can be a nuisance at the best of times - but what if you’re reading the news live-to-air?


If you’re Melbourne newsreader Kate Wilson, you steel yourself, take a deep breath and soldier on, hilariously.



The 3AW journalist was hit with a bout of hiccups just moments before she was due to deliver the 3am news bulletin from the station's Collins Street studios this morning.



Realising she would not have time to dash to the kitchen and gulp a glass of water, and with no-one else in the office to take over, she resigned herself to the task at hand.



‘‘I’m sitting there, I’m swallowing, I’m trying to just get rid of them in any way I can,’’ Ms Wilson said.



‘‘And I just took a deep breath and went: Right, I’m just going to have to do it. There’s no one else that can do it.’’



The result was four minutes of what may be the most entertaining early-morning news segment in Melbourne’s history.


LISTEN: http://media.mytalk.com.au/3AW/AUDIO/030310_3am_news.mp3

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Yep those things can happen to anyone :)

while listening to the file I'm getting the idea to listen to an old tape-deck who get stucked into the middle ...

Best thing to do is drinking still water while making a radioshow ... anything else with gas (water, cola etc) can influence the sound of the voice

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I got a tickle in the throat when I was an airborne traffic reporter a few years back and with the limitations of the aircraft I couldn't reach my drink as it rolled away from me across the footwell. At the beginning it was a little clear throat cough that sounded more like choking at the end. Water found in the 10 second add before public transport and hand back to the ground to the comment of "well it sounds like he is still alive up there."

All happened before the days of outtake websites otherwise I'm sure some kind colleague would have uploaded me.



James Denmead



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