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Legal Hardstyle music?

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Legal Techno, Trance, Hardstyle music ..

Anybody know any easier ways of getting a lincens for such music?


or do we just contact them by ours self?

live in Norway btw.


Only got 70 Hardstyle, techno, trance, ect.. I can broadcast legaly.

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Hi Kain,

You have very specific questions about some issues ...

I can redirect you to this website


formerly known as "MixUpload"


Enter the site and signup !

Make your profile as "dj - broadcaster"

from now on you have access to the whole website and profiles, you can add "favorites" to your profile, you can link typical mixes to your profile etc etc

and important to your services ... you can make fast downloads from published tracks/remixes of some "fine" djs

You gonna find also some "remix-djs" who are very good into the making of mixsets (1hour and more)


I'm also a member to this service

Positive is that you can contact by PM the member/dj who published his/her track/song/remix etc etc


Give it a try ... You gonna love it

By the way ... the website has its different directories from Disco to Vocal House, techno, hard style etc etc

once again ... you gonna love it !

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Most of the djs add their mixes or tracks to "recieve" and to "get" airplay :D


Thanks :)


but im a little confused, Lets say.

I found a mix i really love, and i get allowed frome dj X to broadcast it.

But in the mix are Eminem hardstyle version, are that allowed ?


Sorry for asking so much and stupid and for the bad english :(

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