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Hi there folks. My name is Ian and I have just joined the site.


A bit about me, well.

I help produce and present on an Internet radio station which I enjoy so much. Bit of a break from my day to day routeen as a Chef.

My main area I help on the station is in the advertising & media department as an audio creator. This can be from making jingles and promotions to be aired on the station.

My most productive work comes on a weekly basis doing the Top 5 UK chart countdown which goes out to all DJ's and also to the Music Dukebox for the All Day Play.

This leads me nicley into one reason for me joining this site which is as I produce this jingle everyweek would any UK based DJ's or Radio station producers be interested in a generic virsion being placed on here that can be used on any radio station.

All are make from legally bought music files and contain only royalty free samples & Idents.


If anyone is interested please message me back to arrange a chat.


Anyway thats most of it about me, hope to catch some of you around on here soon.



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:yes: Welcome, willkommen, bienvenida, haere mai to Broadcastingworld Forums!

Reverend Aquaman | Station Manager | andHow.FM

Where it's *ALL* about the music!

A world-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, alternative, modern, retro, indie rock radio station.

Jamming the free world, one person at a time since 1998. Got Indie?

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