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A little help - Internal noises


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me.


Take a listen to this audio clip:



Listen out for what I can only describe as "high pitched noises" coming from near the internal microphone on my macbook, does anyone know what is causing this and perhaps how I can "mute" it? I've tried turning the internal mic off completely but to no avail!


I'm aware of what the other noises are in there, it's just the high pitched one, you'll have to listen real carefully.


Also, ignore the hello bit at the end, that was me thinking it wasn't recording!


My Mac is working fine, but the noise is just a little annoying!

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Ian that sounds like electronic interference. It could be down to the hard drive, cooling fan, mains ripple from a slightly less than perfect switch mode power supply or maybe even the backlight of your screen. To be honest built in microphones are not exactly designed to be good just deisgned to work and their shielding properties are pretty poor.
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