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Noob. Sound is v quiet in sam 4.7.4


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Hi, sorry if this is a repost


xp sp3, using line in on onboard realtec


I have searched through the other threads but still unable to resolve my issue


I am recording my set to podcast. Jingles and music are fine, my mic is vv quiet though


I have the voice fx on full. my realtec audio mic settings on full


I just cannot seem to make myself audible unless i shout


mic works fine in skype etc


any ideas most appreciated!



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Honestly ... I don't know ...

but I have maybe an idea ...

Check your general soundsettings of your XP

if you use your "mic" by using your "mic-in" its possible that this channel is out of balance (to low in volume)


If you can't fix it, and you are sure the other gear is working A-ok, plugin your mic to a mixer and use the "line-in"

if so ... see config of your SAM and enable "no soundcard" > "silent output" ... that way your mic gonna work perfect at your voiceFX


By the way ... I deleted my Skype from my pc ... already years ago

reason : Skype gives to my other "audio" software several conflicts

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