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any suggestions for a novice please

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hello everyone

i just joined this forum & has been going through the forums all day and i am beginning to get confused and would appreciate any help rendered please.

i intend to create a radio station and i must confess I AM NOVICE and has no experience in broadcasting but i am passionate about providing encouragement to people, talking, motivating ... and this would be the aim of the station.

it would support my blog and free online magazine aimed at helping people live through the challenges of life.

i will run motivational talks, have a few phone in programmes , link up with sources for news and sports and finally play different genres of music.

i have read a few posts concerning the ppl and prs licences in the uk and would sort that out as soon as I am able to make progress.


the station has different schedules and programmes on paper but ....

forgive me if my questions seem ....... i am trying so hard to learn a lot and would appreciate any help so here goes.

1) how do i go about setting up an online radio station and what equipments are required. i am broadcasting from home is that ok?

2)are there an suggestions for a host. (i read here webradioworld is ideal because of the ppl licences in the uk)

3) what are the programs/softwares needed to be installed on my computer or can applications be web based.

4) how do i source for music, motivational broadcasts, link up to the news(sky news as i have heard on a few stations), sports, weather,....

5) the station is scheduled to run for 24 hrs and i have ideas for slots but how do i create playlists and arrange them so that they operate automatically

6)how do i run a phone in show

7) how do i link up with people who may want to present shows on the station and how do they broadcast.

8) how do i create radio jingles or get specialists to produce good ones and what should i be looking at in terms of fees.

9)is there anyone that can help with the set up and what fees are we talking about bearing in mind i on a tight ship please.


i look forward to any response and thanks in advance.



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The two main things your going to need is a streaming server and a radio automation program.


Personally i use shoutcast! to stream my station. You can find hosts here:



For automation, it depends on if you want to be broadcasting 24/7 from your computer, or have it set up on the server. I use CentovaCast 3 and it has all the features needed for radio automation.

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