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National Donkey Day

Guest Baabaa Productions

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi Well the title may have got your attention, more about Donkeys later. I have helped a lot of Internet radio stations with image production and have listened to the stations to get an idea of their content. What I have found is many just play music and introduce the track and at then of the track give an outro.If your station is about playing more music well that could be automated.


What needs to be thought about is the programme content and how you can connect with the listener. I have looked around the net and found these sights:

http://www.famousbirthdays.com/ This site gives you famous people birthdays through out each month, you may be able to use this info to play an artists track or just to point out a birthday....it gives you something to say rather than just the name of the track.

http://www.thehistorychannel.co.uk/site/this_day_in_history/ This site highlights great events in history which may be something you could mention.

http://halife.com/daily/trivia/march/trivia_today_mar_12.html Love this one as it gives you trivia for any day of the year....I like this one for March 12th,Today is National Donkey Appreciation Day.Well I think that info is relevant to us all.Give Donkeys respect today.!!!!


Well these are just a few ideas which may help you make your programme more entertaining as long as it fits into your stations image.




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