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World Record Attempt Jingles :-)

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Hi Guys and Girls,


My name is Shaun Ashford and I am the Assistant Manager at DJs Radio (www.djsradio.co.uk)


In a few months, I will be attempting a world record attempt live on air. I am attempting to break the world record for the longest dj radio show held at 183 hours at the moment.


I am looking for some jingles / sweepers to advertise the attempt a little but not sure where to start!


I was thinking of things like:


1. Your Listening to Shaun Ashford, The World Record Attempting DJ!

2. 250 Hours live coming soon with Shaun Ashford!


This is just an idea, please feel free to run with your own ideas as I dont have a clue with this sort of stuff :-)


Im doing the attempt for charity, Help for Heroes and these jingles will not be used during the attempt but will be used to advertise it whilst I am on air. Please feel free to contact me via email - shaun@djsradio.co.uk!


Thanks Everybody!

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All done very quick as not much time tonight, but if these are any use they are yours.


On listening back you might want them re read with more feeling, if so let me know and I'll sort it in the next few days as time allows.



James Denmead



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Shaun as much as i wish you luck in your quest ..... Seek medical advice b4 attepmting that long a Stint without sleep!


As an Insomniac i speak from experience ...... 250 hours sounds like too much thats 10 days 10 hours!


I know that after 4 days without sleep i really start going crazy!

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Hi Everyone,


Thank you so much for doing these so quickly!! :clap: They are spot on but have to say that James, yours really stand out so a massive thank you :thumbup::clap:


In regards to medical advice. My brother is a doctor, father paramedic and I am a trained Medic myself. It is going to be very hard and as you said, I too will go a little nuts after a few days, I have done 5 straight before so shouldnt be too hard if done in the right way. I tend to try massive things for charity to make it worth peoples money and time.


Thank you once again :-)

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