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Metadata not streaming when using Centova and StationPlaylist Studio?


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New member here. Lurking for a while and have gleaned a lot of useful information from the board members. For any of you using StationPlaylist Studio Pro, I thought I'd post what worked for me when recently the metadata from my stream stopped flowing. This resulted from my hosting provider moving from CastControl to CentovaCast.


Normally, to get SPL to stream metadata all that's required is to check the "Output to DSP" checkbox under View=>Options=>Now Playing=>Stream Metadata and use the %n template (which outputs Artist - Title).


What I had to do was use the “Output Via HTTP Request – URL 1” checkbox and enter the appropriate URL. StationPlaylist provides a dialog for easy entry of the server address, port and password when the down-arrow is clicked.


However, just doing this and closing the dialog didn’t work. In a moment of enlightenment ;-), I thought to copy the URL that SPL had created after I'd input the necessary information and paste it into a browser address bar. Of course, this did nothing but issue the standard “Unable to display page” dialog. No doubt, because I was trying to execute the admin.cgi script that's embedded in the URL directly.


Strange thing was, the metadata started to stream again after the current song had finished.


I really have no idea why this worked other than to theorize that the act of attempting to execute the cgi script somehow "woke up" that part of the server responsible for listening for metadata via http requests and start displaying the Artist – Title data on My Sonos device (and MediaMonkey and the Shoutcast Song History page).


Hope this helps.

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