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A quick question about having DJ's on my Station

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I run TM101 Radio and currently my format is all music 24/7 commercial free played via AutoDj in the Centovacast panel.


My question is how do I allow Dj's access to disconnect AutoDj without giving them access to my Centovacast CP?


I would like to have a variety of DJ's on and I know there is a way to do this without giving them full access to Centovacast CP or without having to boot AutoDJ for them.


Any Help with this would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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I like shoutcaststreaming's answer better. Lets see if the Host was smart enough to either:


A) put the install extention in the right file OR

B) Paid centova for the install plus support.


If they were a pain in the ass, they did neither, and will say this feature is "disabled" for security/(bullshit reason) purposes.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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@Brutish Sailor .. Actually, it not a feature, but something the Stream Host needs to program in PHP to make the Program Interface between Shoutcast DNA's and the Control Panel work. And, I agree, lets see if they do.


@Leonard Kay .. this thread was to help a broadcaster with a problem, it was not supposed to be a commercial for how great your Stream Host is. We didn't post anything about our services (even though we know we are 10 times better than MAV), we just tried to help out a broadcaster with an issue. Please have enough self respect to recognize that fact. Since this is your 1st post at BCW, welcome.

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I know SCS. I had centova and whmsonic a VPS just to mess with it. I didn't have to program anything with PHP, but I did have to go somewhere and do something (I don't want to tip my hat, this will be great to watch, the webhost screws it up and all the client servers go dead)
KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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