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Vacation Breaks


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(This isnt a real important need but more for ****s and giggles)



Was just curious if any of you fine broadcasters would like to cut some

generic breaks for my internet station to run while I'm out of town on vacation.


Its always just me and I thought it might be fun to have some new voices once in awhile, like when I'm out of pocket.


My station is Planet Voodoo Radio and I play ALL types of Rock from every era and format all mixed together. (breaking all the regular radio rules! haha)


The station slogan is "Planet Voodoo Radio: Playing a Gumbo of The Worlds Finest Rock".


You can say literally ANYTHING you like!! Just a generic break or go on as long as you like! You can curse! Whatever you like!


Example: "Planet Voodoo, __________ filling in for The Rod Man, blah blah blah whatever you want".

Here is a link to station in case you want to get a feel for it first.





Like I said, its all in fun, cut as many as you like, the more the better and have some fun with it!


Thanks in advance!

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