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Hiya all


Some of you may know or heards of Vdownloader. the free version allows you to download stuff from youtube etc but if you try and download a copyrighted song it wont let you. I've got the plus version and i paid about £25 for it. It allows you to download everything including copyrighted songs. I was just wondering if thats downloading music legally and that because im playing that music on my radio show im not breaking the law etc

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Thanks for the bump ;)


I have my own view on these issues .... I wrote these already into the past


Fact is that on YouTube nobody may upload footage (song or video) who isn't made by them ... If your video is homemade you do not can use any copyright music used as musicbed to your video production


BUT .... there are tons of different software (free and paid) who makes it possible that "anyone" can download content from youtube

some of this software is even that good that "normal" users can rip the music in high quality straight from the video

ok ... this can also be done with advanced audiosoftware ... but this is logical used by advanced users.


None of the above subjects are legal ... so far you are not the owner of the music


BUT (once again) ... users and visitors to youtube can distribute any video by using a "share tool" at their Tweeter, Facebook and so on ...

So question remains ... Is that legal ?

Fact is nobody may distribute material who is not owned by themself

Without any of these both Tweeter and Facebook would be "small businesses" at the internet ...


At my own youtube channel ... with most of all some family videos ... I have several videos who are "transferred" to the dangerous zone ...

and as YT user you can't do anything against it ... so far you should go to an US Court

One of the "fun" youtube mistakes is that one of the several "dangerous" videos contains only "my own homemade" music ... so music who has nothing to do with copyright etc etc ... The music is "handmade" by myself with a software who makes it possible to mix your own tunes ...


An other "fun" thing is ... :

As user you can't upload an identical video to your own profile who has been made by an other youtube member ... If that member see his/her video on your profile it gonna be deleted at once ...

BUT ... everyone at the World can and may re-distribute any of that content to other sites outside of youtube ...


So question remains ... = what is legal and whats not ?

to be honest ... I don't know :read:

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Since no royalties are going to ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, etc., any songs downloaded are illegal.


The only money goes to the software manufacturer.

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