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DJ For hire + Web Techy

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Good evening


Im wondering if there is anyone out there which is looking for a DJ and/or Web Technician. Im currently a DJ and the Web Tech at Crazy Radio but things are just not going well them, they're not letting me bring in listoners by doing a special show which could bring in 50+ listoners, Im to blame for not recieveing emails which were never sent to me. It's just not working out


So im looking to see if there is anyone out there that is interested in hiring me,


Im based in Bristol, UK , Im 16 currently about to start my GCSE exams. Been a DJ for about 1-2 years on radios such as the now defunct WSX Radio, I've worked on sites for www.crazyradio.co.uk . I am willing to radio shows but during the next few months during my GCSE Exams i will be unable to do loads, my current show is Fridays 8pm-10pm GMT which is good enough for me.


I can also do some HTML aswell , along with some editing , If you ask me to try something i'll see if i can do it, if i cant i cant if i can great :D


To get music i use a program called VDownloader , and i also have the plus version which allows meto download copyrighted songs. My genre would usually be anything upbear, RnB , Pop, Reggae, Fusion



And feel free to ask questions

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All depends on how good u are i suppose?


Im looking for DJ's who mainly play older stuff so i guess im no use to you.


Hope you find the station that sends u places.

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