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An old Article I found about licensing directly thru BMI, Ascap and Soundexchange....

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If it wasnt for the outrageous minimum SoundExchange fees this might've been an option for internet Broadcasters..


(FROM SOUNDEXCHANGE'S WEBSITE)An annual minimum fee of $2,000 or $5,000 is required, which is applied against the service’s total annual liability. Services who opt in will be required to supply monthly census reporting in accordance with regulations.

Special accommodations for “Microcasters” (defined as services with less than 18,027 aggregate tuning hours per year, annual revenues of less than $5000, and annual expenses of $10,000) include a $500 minimum fee, and an additional $100 proxy fee in lieu of reporting requirements.


BMI and Ascap would be about $500 (just an estimate)


So this what I was thinking and I want to know opinions on it..


I play only independent artists on my station but because there are MAJOR names on the station its a little harder to draw a bigger listening audience...(sad to say alot of people are brainwashed by all the crap on mainstream radio and if i don't have an Artist like say "DRAKE" in rotation some people wont tune in..)


So i was thinking to qualify for SoundExchange's MicroCaster service I would set up a seperate stream and relay it to my mainstream but on the seperate stream only play the licensed stuff for like maybe 5 hours out of the day to keep the AGH under 18,000 this would also help for royalty tracking purposes..the only thing is I dont know really how relaying works so I was just wondering if anyone would think this would work..:confused:



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