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Howdy Everyone


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Just joined up here. HOWDY!! My name is Bryan Cox and I've been in the VO Biz for longer than some of you have been alive...lol and someday I'm going to make some money at it too.

I'm a 98 year old woman but have the voice of a man....God I hope you don't believe that.

If you guys like blogs...well I've got one going on the subject of Advertising and Marketing with some original comedy thrown in for good measure...

http://bigbry.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/ ... s-dayadult


My voice over demos are at http://bryancox.voices.com


Cheers to you all and thanks for letting me into your little family here


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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi Bry welcome to the site..........I have heard your many voices on another site. Its good to see you here.



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