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How much power does a digital radio use?

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6 Watts isn't a lot.

Unless it is 6 Watts at 6V (which is 1 Amp)

6 Watts at 9Volts is still .67 Amps.


Note: 4 ea. "AA" cells, "A" Cells, "C" Cells or "D" Cells is 6 Volts.

Each Cell is 1.5 volts (multiply them by the number of cells (if they are in series). If they are in parallel, then the voltage remains the same (but, 6 Watts will require about 8 cells if they are "C" cells - assuming the 6 Watts is based upon the 1.5 Volts - which requires 4 Amps of power to attain 6 watts). C cell Carbon Zinc batteries hold about 3,800 MA hr each - which is 3.8Amps hr - meaning they will power a 6-watt radio for about 15 minutes (you would need 4 in parallel to effectively have 1 hours power).




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