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Two tiny dry lines! Grave male voice.

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Hey guys!


Another very quick request for my own indie (free non selling/entirely for fun) game!


"Death is victorious." In a grave, severe voice.. As if something very bad just happened.


"The runners have prevailed!" In a bit of a happier voice.


Thanks in advance!!

+rep to all attempts naturally, I appreciate you guys so much. :thumbup:

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Hey you two,


Thank you so much for those takes, they're both really greats!!


GKREurope, could I if it's not too much, ask you to do another take of "The runners have prevailed!" because you mispronounced the word prevailed :(


Maybe listen to how lapianoman pronounced it? :D


Thanks to you two already +rep :thumbup:

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Thank you SO much to both of you!!!


I'll be using them BOTH actually, they're too good to pass on either! :D


I'll be using lapianoman's Runners take and GKREurope's Death take!!


Thanks to you two, +rep definitely and thank you so much for your time, you guys are great.

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