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Will portable devices out pace desktop computers - laptops

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The Ipad, tablets and smart phones are driving the move to 4G wireless and "unlimited" bandwidth plans.


Do you think a shift in multimedia delivery / consumption will occur ?


I personally believe that instead of being tied to a desk, people will consume more content "on the go" as it were. I do not believe that this will be limited to providing content on demand - but will consist primarily of live / streamed multimedia content.


The content break through will occur with nation wide 4G wireless coverage with unlimited bandwidth at low cost. When this occurs - and I think it will happen very soon - the flood gates of content will open wide and pour forth.


I also think that the current Internet service provider business model needs to view the rise in "wireless" Internet access very carefully and pay close attention or they will find themselves being clobbered.

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This ought to be good news for indie broadcasters... as long as (a) the price of bandwidth isn't a deterrent for listeners (e.g. Australia) and (b) there are dead-easy apps/programs available to allow non-techy folk to listen to us.


Right now, even subscribing to a podcast is simply too difficult for many people.

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