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The publishing of my latest guide has been a exciting milestone for both me and Broadcasting World. The wonderful community at Broadcasting World and James has given me the opportunity to both learn and share knowledge.


I want mark this achievement by giving back to the community in a special way.


Internet broadcasters face many challenges for getting their content out.


I would like to help ONE station develop a SINGLE promotion / marketing plan to increase their audience Internet exposure. The station will be responsible for implementing that plan.


I will do this Pro Bono / No Fee. But if you want to buy me a cup of tea - I wont complain :)


To be considered for this, I will require the following:

- The broadcaster / station must in good standing at Broadcasting World.

- The broadcaster / station must have a website that is professionally created.

- The broadcaster / station must offer their content primarily in the English language.

- The broadcaster / station DOES NOT offer content that is arbitrary to society.

(Hate, prejudice, slander - etc.)

- The broadcaster / station MUST BE in compliance with any applicable royalty

agreements for musical content distribution.

- The broadcaster / station must agree to allow me to use them as a business / client



I am definitely interested in working with a broadcaster / station that has unique content

or a unique location. (In other words, If your station plays Bavarian Polka from a hang glider then I want to talk to you!)


Support your community here, give back to the Voice Artists and most of all - share what you learn.


Private message me if you are interested.

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