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Help Me - I need Radio Jingles


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Hello Everyone,


I'm new to Broadcasting World and just wondering if anyone can make any jingles.


I need them for a radio called Cybertoons.


One other question, where can I get singers saying 'This is Katy Perry'?





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Hi Rich,

First Welcome to BW.


We can do voice overs for you. As for singers well that I don't know. Maybe someone else will have an idea.


Stop by the Introduce Yourself section and let everyone know who your are etc..

"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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ok ... question :)


What kind of liners do you need ?

example :

- liner 1 = TEXT ... ... ...

- liner 2 = TEXT ... ... ...


With only the name of your station We can't do that much


Looking forward to your text ...


PS : check http://forums.broadcastingworld.net/forumdisplay.php?f=245

into that section of BW you gonna find several artist shouts or calls ... check some older posts or use the search tool

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