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Availability of a station's legal documents.

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The internet radio station I'm with was started a number of years ago as a hobby. In the last couple years, management has laxed, and a few new people have joined. Things have changed somewhat.


Seeing as I like to watch my own back as much as possible when it comes to legal issues, I brought up the fact that no legal documents are posted anywhere for any radio staff to read. As far as anyone with the station actually knows right now, we are NOT legal. All we have is one person's word that everything is legal, reports are filed on time, and all fees are regularly taken care of.


My question is: should any and all legal documents pertaining to an internet radio station be made available for any and all staff of that specific internet radio station?


If yes, is there any information on those documents that can be legally blanked out, such as personal information of the specific person who filed the paperwork?


Thanks in advance!

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