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Station Artwork

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The best way to do it is add a picture in the page coding, and move the picture over your media player in the blank space. It does require a little programming knowledge, just enough to know how to move the margins on that particular line of code.


I suppose if you google it, you will find the proper websites to train you or even give you a pre-made code for such an occasion.


It works best with a WMP embed plug-in.

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Thanks for the response LeafpileRadio, but I think I might not have made myself clear.


I think you might be referring to adding album art to a particular file (mp3) in my collection and seeing that on my SONOS device. You're absolutley right. For for the most part, you can cut 'n paste an image from the web and store it in the tags of the mp3.


What I'm referring to is the radio station's logo that must be coming down the pipe with the station's metadata. I have no idea where that is coming from.





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I wonder if it is possible that the logo is coming from the company Sonos itself? Otherwise, without seeing the device Im not sure where it comes from. I took a peek at their website but was unable to figure out where the metadata comes from.

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