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Fixed Audio Delay?

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Hi all,


I was wondering if was possible to get a fixed delay, for arguements sake 30 seconds, on a stream between the server and the player? I intend to serve a 128kbps 44.1khz stereo stream.


In other words, I have my source on the server, playing away, and I would like the player to have a known delay lets say for arguements sake, of 30 seconds. Now I know that a delay is inevitable, but at the moment it seems a bit hit and miss depending on the internet connection and the bitrate used to encode.


Is there any way of setting it, even to longer than required, so that it is alsways the same delay in seconds rather than it varying?


Just to clarify, while I would like a low delay, I not trying to acheive this, just a stable delay that will be maintained (give or take a second or two).


Has anyone acheived this? What tips could you give me to modify settings on the server/player?


Thanks in advance!

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Remember that someone who is listening to your stream at "any place" in the world is listening to your stream in real time

No matter if that person lives in Europe, South America or at Antartica


Imagine that you should travel around the world and could do this in about 30 seconds

answer = thats impossible


Streaming on the www makes it possible in realtime

A delay of 15 untill 30 seconds is the most "normal" thing during audiostreaming.

So you have to live with it ... its part of what you are doing


Concerning a TOTH (example) ... you can adjust your TOTH to start playing at your pc at xx:59:35 ...

xx:59:35 makes it possible that your TOTH gonna be heard at more or less the real TOTH of the listener at home


No Offense ... but stop dreaming ... The World ain't perfect .. and it never gonna be

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If you have your site on and your broadcaster system unmuted, you will here whats coming through sam or whatever, and then within 10 seconds or so its all started again, everything you said as the delay coming through home page player is terrifying hahaha. Oh and never listen to your site with sam muted as everything looks like its starting before hand haha:) kinda weird.

take care

Leonard Kaye

LKCB 128.4

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The delay is almost impossible to control.


There is a buffer from the source to the server, then a buffer at the server, and then the listener's player buffers as well.


There one thing you can do to reduce the delay (and therefore a more stable delay) is to use a higher bitrate but it's still not a guarantee that the delay will be constant.

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