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MySQL Location (Bandwith)

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Hi people, How are you ? I hope you are fine :) well like some people know my english is not very good but i will try it :P


Well, I have my Sam Broadcaster working, everything is OK im using MySQL Database, using the PHP system and working too.


My question is this... i have the MySQL server in the PC where is runing Sam Broadcaster, like you know the PHP web connect to the Database (its in my PC) if the people enter at the webpage... and make request, or just "surf" in the web... that consume me conection Bandwith ? (Because i think they are "Connected" to de MySQL Database) because i don't have a veeeery speed conection, and im afraid with a lot of people "Surfing" in the web, start to have conections problems.


Because i try to use Sam Broadcaster with a Remote database (In my pay hosting) but the Sam Broadcaster "Freeze" in some moment, when must ask something to the remote database like music categories, or refresh categories i have 2000 or 3000 song in every categorie and that take a lot of time with a remote MySQL database system (because the speed of conection).


Thats all, Thank you very much for your time :thumbup:

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I understand what you mean ...


I don't guess the traffic is that important ...

important is to set into your firewall an access to some SAM features ... such as your request port (1221) etc


Concerning the "freezing" of your SAM screen ... "it" can happen ... but in general the source of it is a kind of conflict with other software ...

even an antivirus can cause this behaviour

Check and double check all your software who is running at your pc/server - stop or delete software if it is not needed

Remember SAM works best on a pc/server if no other programs are running ...

Otherwise if you are working with a remote deskcontrol, be sure "you" are the "only" one who is having access to the main panel

The freezing of a SAM screen can be caused also for reasons such as : somebody else who was active at the pc/server and if he/she left without managing everything as wished ...


*** These actions can not been the main reason for the SAM behaviour, ... please notice that I shared some of my own knowledge and experiences with managing SAM by using remote deskcontrol


Good luck !

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Yes, i take care about the Firewall, and the Router Ports, the "freeze" of SAM when is conected to the Remote MySQL database, its about the conection for example i start to download something at max speed and Sam its like a tourtle, but i will follow your advice i will have the MySQL database in my PC, i don't think conecctions of the users make "To much" request to the MySQL server.
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