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Working on a class project and need to make a P.S.A. within the hour,

This is a little bit lengthy, but it is much appreciated if you can do it.

-- DRY --


Public Service Announcement:

Anthrax is a disease that infects mammals. Anthrax is spread by contact with a infected mammal, or eating a infected animal. Anthrax is a deadly disease, it is important to contact medical professionals as soon as you come in contact with it. This is no joke.

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Thank you, I appreciate it.


I put "Within a hour" to try to give you guys the sense of urgency. I do know that they take awhile to make, and that you guys are busy with other work. I really, really do appreciate it.


I'm in the computer lab for another hour right now, and will get to work on it. I'll be sure to give you a shoutout for the voice over.


Thanks Again!

- NickolasM.

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Hey GKR, finished the P.S.A., and well I think it's pretty crappy, but I threw it togeather in fifteen minutes. I'll post it somewhere soon so you can see it.


Just a heads up.... I uh, manipulated your voice. It's super deep and... attention grabbing.


Hope you recieved the donation,



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