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Jingles for club

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I am looking for a couple of Dry Bed jingles for a new Second Life club. At the moment it's only very new and I have no budget :(. However!... I will need some more later and at that stage will be able to donate to complete what I will need, and would prefer to use the same voice for those as I get for the ones below.


I'd like a deep dynamic male voice, preferably UK or USA.


For the moment, I am looking for the following:

  • Ohana Rock Club
  • Welcome to Ohana Rock Club
  • Ohana Rock Club - The friendlist place in Second Life!

Ohana - Pronounced as it looks - Oh-han (as in hand)-a (as in last letter of banana!!)


Thank you in advance!

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Thank you so much for your work on this GKR!

I have one very small problem with your recording and that's that you recorded them as "The Ohana Rock Club" and not just "Ohana Rock Club". If you'd be willing to re-record them, then it would be really great.

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