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Stations that use AMSS signaling technique

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From wikipedia:


The amplitude modulation signalling system (AMSS or the AM signalling system) is a digital system for adding low bit rate information to an analogue amplitude modulated broadcast signal in the same manner as the Radio Data System (RDS) for frequency modulated (FM) broadcast signals.


This system has been standardized in March 2006 by ETSI (TS 102 386) as an extension to the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) system.




AMSS data are broadcasted from the following transmitters:



RTL France: 234 kHz


BBC World Service: 648 kHz

Deutschlandradio Kultur: 990 kHz


BBC World Service: 15575 kHz

Formerly it was also used by:



Truckradio 531 kHz


Does anyone know any station that uses AMSS other than these listed? If not, does anyone know where can I get a sample of signal with AMSS modulation added?

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