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Hi Guys,


Is there any way to get SHOUTcast Source to save the Encoder Configuration settings ? :blink: When i close and open its always in default.


If my shoutcast Streaming plan is 32K which Encoder Type is best to use ??


Winamp 5.6

Windows 7

SHOUTcast Source 1.9.1



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I had major headaches with the Shoutcast DSP for winamp when i last tried it RJ It was doing the exact same thing.


I presume you are using winamp to broadcast with???


Id suggest an alternative like Edcast if its giving you that much hassle. 32k is a very low bitrate and the only way ive got it to sound ok was to use AAC.

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Thanks a lot for your information guys.


I downloaded the SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In 2.2.1 and all the connection information is saved now even after i close Winamp or restart the computer. :)


I like to try Edcast though to see if there is any difference.


With a Streaming plan of 32K how much of a delay do you think will be there ?

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