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MixedIn radio looking for House music DJ's

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Hello everyone. We are new internet radio station which is playing house music. We are not commercial radio station and for that we are looking for volunteer DJ's who will do their own live shows once per week or month.

If you are interested you can apply here http://mixedin.net/?p=337

We are offering to you to broadcast live from your parties audio and video. If you have question about this things write me at alex@mixedin.net

Just check our website at www.mixedin.net and send us small info of you.

Looking forward for good DJ's



Alex, MixedIn radio

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It's good to know that many people really like house music. Some of you are already on our schedule list. But, to make things clear.

We are house music radio station and we are playing commercial house most of the day. But, that doesn't mean that you can't do other styles in your show. You can play Disco, Nu jazz, Tech House, Deep House, Funk...etc. DJ's with Talk-Music show are very welcome but you can play your latest music set also without need to speak.

Most of the shows will be broadcasted with live video, from your room, club or wherever you are at the moment you are playing. Of course you need internet connection to do that. :-)

Every DJ will get their own jingle for presentation.


No, you don't have to pay to us anything. We want you to be heard. How would you make money from this? We don't care. :-) We think that to be heard live on radio station is a way better thing to get your fans then uploading on every server with that possibility.

Best to you all and we are waiting for you!


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Hello everybody again. I would like to announce that MixedIn Radio changed program schema. Beside house music we are now playing different genres too. If you find yourself interested by this genres: Nu jazz, Funky, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass...etc, please give us a sign.

Best Alex, MixedIn radio

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That post was back in 2011. There is no website anymore, so most likely closed shop! You have to look at the dates of the post, or you might be replying to some really old post! Dates are above the post in the darker shaded bar.
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