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How to Get More Listeners!

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Hi Everyone, I'm Chickie - the Program Manager from the Tunes Radio Network. I was invited here from DJBLAZAP from the Winamp / Shoutcast forums.


He recommended I share with all of you more information about Radio Networking.


Ever wonder how some small time broadcasters get fantastic amounts of listeners?


The secret is "Networking". By networking we get the word out to others who are interested in what we do - because they do it too!


People talk about good material when they hear it and this is how the chain of "word of mouth" begins as well as exposure to new opportunities!


The Tunes Radio Network is the Best Internet Radio Network for Independent Broadcasters because We bring Internet Radio Hosts Together by Networking.


Ultimately, we are a network of internet radio hosts. Many of our hosts broadcast as a hobby. It's all about fun and self promotion.


Our hosts and listeners are from all over the world!


Our promotional feed broadcasts 24 hour a day and produces results of way over a 1000 listeners a month.


* In addition to our 24 hour feed, we have a schedule where hosts can list their shows and gain exposure on our website, where they can further expose themselves to people who have a genuine interest in what they do!


We are always recruiting new Radio Hosts with fresh ideas for music and talk radio entertainment from all experience levels.


Although we are still a young project we are growing rapidly!


We hope you'll join us.


Please feel welcome to send us an email to list yourself on our schedule to ListMe @ TunesRadio . net




1. Host user name:

2. Email Address / IM:

3. Name of Show:

4. Show Description:

5. Days of Week and Times of Broadcast (Based on Eastern Standard Time):

6. Show Listen URL:


If you'd like to take a look at our website and current schedule - feel welcome to our site at tunesradio . net


Looking forward to your replies.



Program Director

Tunes Radio Network

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