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Hi people, i have something for your ears (sorry :D) well one friend want to start his own radio, on internet of course, and he give me some Voice demos, I'm not critical because the true i don't have a big idea about, "The voice for radio" so, The voice are not edited, i mean no effects, chorus, EQ, its pure.

If you think some improvement will be used (EQ or something) :) the voice not sound like the tipical radio voice, but may be works jaja.


Thanks for your time ^^

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I understand that you are in for some editing ...

Right ?


Well I played around with all 3 files and they are attached to this message

I did also some small production on the files ...

Listen ... and check them into your software as WAVE file


Hope you gonna like the result


PS : sorry for my late reply ... somewhere, somehow ... I missed this post

so always good to get a bounce from a fellow member :thumbup:


Enjoy !

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Jaja he live in the same city, Rio Grande in "Tierra Del Fuego" check the map you will se the distance with "the world" jaja


Thank you very much for you editions GKR can i ask you the effects ? probably i can take in mind for next editions, there are a chorus ? thank you :)

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