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I sure would love some voiceovers...

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For about a year we ran a station called Freedom Radio, due to lack of time etc. we stopped and now we'd like to relaunch with a different brand :)


Unfortunately (or not so as the case may be!) we really need some new stabs and jingles... I was wondering whether some of you lovely people could do some for us?


The site's still in design, but there will be a credits section once done - I'll sort out publicity and rightfully earn links and such for the voice artist that fulfills :)


The clips would be short:


- This is Xiite Radio.

- Xiite Radio

- Jon Lambert in the mix

- www.xiite.co.uk

- 08458677186

- Xiite Live is back! Coming to a club near you...

...and whatever else you like!


Dry would be nice, but if you want to add some fx etc. to a second copy that'd be lovely :)


Also, we're in the process of recieving funding - there would most certainly be regular paid requests for more in the future :)





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