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Voiceovers - with music - advice ??

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Hello Rich,


Important to all this ... is what can be done by you ?

for example :

make some edits yourself and upload them to "this" topic ...

at that time We can review what you have done ...

Don't be afraid ... We don't gonna break you :)

but at that moment We are able to give you ideas etc ... to make it better


Upload your result aka mixdown

and secondly upload the used "dry read" ... (this can be a random read found at BW ....)

from then on We can manage and adjust things .. and make some examples to show you how it can be done ...

Please notice :

Nobody is perfect ... and ideas of member A can be totally different to those of member B

but it gonna give you an insight of whats possible


So We are looking forward to your try-outs

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